Saturday, February 01, 2014

Losing the Propaganda War -

Israel losing the Propaganda War -

“apartheid wall,” “apartheid roads,” colonization, administrative
arrests, travel restrictions, land confiscations and house demolitions
are the clay apartheid comparisons are made of, and cannot be hidden or
denied, for as long as Israel continues with the status quo.
occupation comes with checkpoints, antiterrorist barriers, military
courts, armed soldiers and tanks. That’s the reality, no matter what
your politics, and just the ammunition the Palestinians and their
supporters need in their new war."
Israel is doing almost everything it can to help its opponents achieve
their goal. Instead of focusing on peace talks, Israel continuously
signals its intention to build more settlement housing, most recently on
Jan. 10, when plans for 1,400 new homes in East Jerusalem and the West
Bank were announced. Instead of welcoming Eritrean and Sudanese refugees
seeking asylum — the way that a former Likud Party prime minister,
Menachem Begin, did in 1977 with the Vietnamese boat people, saying they
reminded him of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust — Israel is
confining today’s asylum-seekers to a camp in the desert, providing
reams of footage to those who want to prove Israel is a racist society.
it didn’t help when, on Dec. 15, a ministerial committee approved a
bill that would impose heavy, punitive taxes on groups like B’Tselem,
which tracks alleged human rights violations in the occupied
territories, and Adalah, the legal center for minority rights in Israel."

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